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Welcome to your new reality, more connected than ever to all the riches modern life has to offer, yet where truth has never been more insubstantial. Welcome to New San Joban.

Episode 1 – Interruptions

As the citizens of New San Joban prepare for their second referendum on the introduction of a Single Digital Identity, a family get-together is disrupted as a national disaster begins to unfold.

Episode 2 – An Incident

The confrontation between investigative journalist Julia and the CEO of KoRLo, Richard Graves, does not go quite as planned...

Episode 3 – A Liar and a Killer

The death toll mounts as KoRLo struggles to get to the bottom of the incident, and to recover from the public backlash. Meanwhile Julia uncovers a new lead in her investigation, with a little bit of help…

Episode 4 – Who Is This Guy?

Julia drops a bombshell on her audience, attracting the unwelcome attention of NSJ law enforcement. KoRLo’s investigations are hampered by a lack of visibility. The implications of the incident begin to have an impact on referendum polling.

Episode 5 – Follow the Money

Inspector Holt presents KoRLo with their first solid lead in their ongoing incident response, but every new piece of information leads to a more tangled web of possibilities. Julia’s brother gets hold of what could be the smoking gun.

Episode 6 – The Wise Man

A friendship rekindled, or a trust betrayed? Truth is a scarce resource in a world where reality is digitally defined.

Episode 7 – The Truth, as Always

Has Julia made sense of the maelstrom of contradictory information and counter-intuitive clues? Has she managed to keep her grip on the threads of reality and pull them together to expose the truth, or has she been dragged further down the rabbit hole? This special edition of Report:2030 promises, at the very least, to be explosive.

Episode 8 – It’s Subjective

Referendum day dawns and the result is on a knife-edge. Julia’s exposé is perhaps the most important of many factors that have moved the needle of public opinion, but her world and her family are about to be shaken to the very core.

Episode 9 – Reach for the Stars

The votes are in and the result is confirmed, the events of the preceding week having undeniably played a significant role, but who was playing who and what did they stand to gain? How do you pick up the pieces of a life when you are no longer sure where they fell?

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