As threats evolve and threat actors grow more skilled, you need the right tools to not just protect your organization from the attacks of today, but also to prepare for the threats of tomorrow. Leveraging over 30 years of expertise and proven foresight, Trend Micro transforms the chaotic world of cybersecurity to help you better understand and address the security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Project 2030 aims to give individuals, enterprises, and even nations a reasoned and rational indication of a possible future, enabling them to devise more nuanced long-term strategic directions. The scenarios that we have created are wide-ranging and diverse, so much so that we could not reasonably expect to predict the future of one single real-world nation. Instead, we have set all predictions in the fictional nation-state of New San Joban. This gives us the scope to bring all our possible futures together in one place.

The accuracy of the predictions that we had already made—in partnership with Europol on the predecessor to this research, “Project 2020” (published in 2013)—were accurate enough to suggest that it is possible to anticipate the evolution of cybercrime. This is achieved by mapping what we already know about threat actors against plausible developments in technology. This means that, as much as we all agree that the future is uncertain, uncertainty is no longer a good enough reason to remain unprepared for the next threats.

Strong customer trust. Business transformation. Uninterrupted productivity. Beautiful business outcomes are more than skin deep. In a complex and chaotic world, architecting a resilient business capable of consistently achieving them is the challenge. You need a clear picture of the actual threats you face in addition to the blur of security alerts—and the ability to stop them. The art of cybersecurity includes foresight, a clear strategy, and passion.

To help you better understand and address these security challenges, you need a leader in the fight against cybercrime. An organization who monitors underground criminal behavior to discover key insights. A team who works closely with government agencies and law enforcement, including Interpol, the United Nations, the FBI, and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Leverage the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), the largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program in the world, who works hand-in-hand with tens of thousands of independent researchers to identify and resolve the latest vulnerabilities. Benefit from an organization who places foremost importance and value on research and future-looking exercises, so organizations, governments, and the industry at large can better anticipate and prepare for the threats looming over the horizon.

You need a cybersecurity platform that protects hundreds of thousands of organizations across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints and delivers a powerful range of advanced threat defense techniques optimized for environments like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. As well as a partner who can leverage over 30 years of expertise and proven foresight to transform the chaotic world of cybersecurity, all so your organization can be its most resilient.

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