Cybersecurity doesn’t have time to be reactionary. Threat researchers need to evaluate future trends in order to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. This is what makes Project 2030: Scenarios for the Future of Cybersecurity so valuable to those looking towards “what’s next”. Since technology continues to envelop the way we live, think, and see the world around us, it is important to take a look at life in the year 2030 in an immersive and holistic way.

This exclusive video series walks you through the futuristic nation-state of New San Joban, a tech-savvy and privacy-centric hub, in the not-too-distant year of 2030. Follow our protagonist, Julia, as she navigates through a world where complexity and augmented reality have an impact on every aspect of daily life. Citizens, governments, corporations, and cybercriminals all benefit from a wholly connected world, highlighted by easy access to our data and identity.

At the heart of a world where people routinely interact with realistic, digital versions of colleagues, friends, and even family, is data and perhaps the most valuable resource of all, belief.

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